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Notice to foreign buyers

A buyer must self inform himself of the complete conditons of business for Walter Borg auctions. These conditions are not available in english. The complete conditions are available in the printed catalogue.

On the internet you will also find descriptions and colour photos of all objects. The internet catalouge will be published approximately 3 weeks prior to each auction and the printed catalogue is available approximately 2 weeks before the auction.

All prices are in Swedish kronor (SEK) and a commission of 22,5% including VAT will be added to the hammer price. 

Foreign buyers are expexted to pay by International Bank or Credit cards and a fee of 2,5% will be added to the total costs.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to make all shipping arrangements after a purchase. This is not included in our commission fee.

Export of some objects may require a special export licence. A licence is needed for each individual weapon and can only be issued to licensed gundealers in approved countries.

Walter Borg can normally, but only after agreement in advance, assist with export licence applications. If you have any further questions don't hesitate to contact our export manager.

Foreign buyers of prepared animals or trophies are expected to arrange their export- and import licenses themselves.

Price for packing and preparing is 100 SEK per object.

Price for assisting with export license application is 1500 SEK per export with in EU.

Price for assisting with export license application is 2000 SEK per export outside EU.

Ammunition will not be posted or exported and has to be picked up by the customer in Walter Borg:s store at Kungsgatan 57B in Stockholm. 

Suggested shipping companies

For shipping to Denmark and Norway, please contact Tomas Blom at, tel. +454356 5596

For shipping to the western parts of Europe, please contact Karsten Bonde Nielsen at, tel. +45 4356 5591

Shipping to the United States of America

Sans-Nom Inc.


Your local Bring Cargo, Schenker or Agility for shipping to EU.


Anna Bonde